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Movie: The Paradise Suite


 Dir. Joost van Ginkel Producers: Ellen Havenith, Jeroen Beker ( Bastide Films) In coproduction with: GotaFilm (SE), KaBoAl Pictures (BG)

Plot Summary: Our Sun is a mosaic drama consisting of five storylines that get interweaved. In the film we follow six characters that voluntarily or involuntarily have moved to Amsterdam and who seem to have nothing more in common than their far away country of birth. Still, they influence each other's lives irreversibly: in the darkest of times, love and friendship appear to be the most powerful engines to turn faith. Our Sun is taking us to worlds that exist in the shadows of our own lives. The film is both a raw and poetic praise to human strength for survival.

Festivals/Awards:Selected for CineMart (IFFR), So a Meetings( SIFF)

Movie: The Last Gift (15min,HD)


 Martin Petrov

Plot Summary: This is a story based on Georgi Gospodinov,s narrative - 'The Belated Gift'. This short story grabbed me when I read it and I said to me, yes that's it. I adapted the narrative to a screenplay and now I have a story about human happiness followed by pain, unfairness and death. We all see tramps almost every day of our life and most of us ignore them. We don't see them like human beings, but they are, just like me and you. But how many of you have ever wondered why these people got there, what caused it to them?

Festivals/Awards:Selected for CineMart (IFFR), So a Meetings( SIFF)

Movie: Countre Jour (27min,HD)

Part: INNA

Director/Producer: Val Todorov and Kaloyan Paterkov

Festivals/Awards: In The Palace International Short Film Festival 2014 – Ofi cial selection; Bulgarian Film Academy Awards 2014 – Nominated for Best Short Fiction Film

Movie: Shhh…sing to me! (32min., HD)

Part: BEBA

Director/Producer: Dir. Andrey Ilievski Volkashin ; Producers: ARTERIA FILM, Screen brother

Movie: Kinder surprise (27min.,35mm.)




Plot Outline: When Ross and Roxana finally run away from home, they end up on a dreamlike road trip with the devil.

Starring: Gergana Pletnyova, Boyko Krustanov, Yavor Baharov, Valentin Ganev, Ivan Savov, Silvia Stanoeva, Iliana Kitanova, Sturyno Yi

Director: Andrey Ilievski Volkashin Producer: NATFA

Awards : AUDIENCE AWARD, BEST SHORT FILM at 9th International So a Film Festival at the Coast 15th International So a Film Festival,  Jameson nomination 15th Brussels International Short Film Festival, BEST CINEMATOGRAFY AWARD, Honoris Causa 2011-2012;

Movie: Voluntary lost (30min., 35mm.)


Director/Producer: Dir. Andrey Ilievski Volkashin, Producer: NATFA

Festivals/Awards: BEST DIRECTING AWARD, Honoris Causa 2007-2008.
International Student Film and Video Festival of Beijing Film Academy Young Cinema
Art, World Student Film Festival International Festival ; VGIK Festival International
du Film de L’etudiant One Country, One Film Festival

Movie: Waiting (20min., HD)

Part: KIRA

Director/Producer: Dir. Andrey Ilievski Volkashin, Producer: NATFA


Movie: Mice poison (90min.,35mm.)


Director/Producer: Dir. K.Burov, Producer: BULFILM, BFC

Movie: The last Journey


Director/Producer: Dir. Vassil Barkov

Festivals/Awards: XI IFF Berdyansk, Ukraine, Award for Best Actor

Movie: The Bulgarian Sign


Director/Producer: Director: Dimitar Nedkov, Producer: Dobromir Nedkov, "Story Studio"


Movie: Maybe it's the proper thing to do (23min, HD)

Part: Laura

Director: Vesselin Zografov
Production: Bambashka Ltd., Vesselin Zografov

Co-production: NATFA

Plot Summary: A man and a woman are making their best to cement their relationship. What is the proper thing to do for their unconditional love?